1. You decide which type of photography you are interested, and fill out some information that will help me to help you. You can get more information on each type of photography service through the NOLA + Love or Elopements Tabs , or fill out a quick contact here.

2. I respond back within 48 hours to setup a consultation. On our call, I’ll get to know you a little better so I can understand exactly what you want, your ideas and how we can make sure we get the photos you want. Hopefully we are able to meet up for coffee or a zoom meeting!

3. To make sure your booking is official you will need a 25% deposit to retain your date, and the agreement signed. The rest of the payment is due 30 days before your session.

4. Between your booking and your session we will exchange ideas, and get a solid game plan going. All of my packages include help with scouting and making sure timelines are taken care of!

Connect with me! If you have a question feel free to shoot me a message. I enjoy seeing what kind of amazing things you get into too! Sometimes I post some fun things like when i’m out and about in New Orleans, or when I travel and go sky diving, even if I look scared.. (I swear I wasn’t…)  

Hey there, from the big easy! Louisiana has been a great place to grow up and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The art, culture, and…. delicious food, has shaped me into the person who I am today. I love the outdoors, and adventure. Kayak fishing and disc golf are some of my favorite hobbies. I love to travel to new cities and explore,  i’ve recently made those things priorities in my life. I’m always down for something new, and I appreciate creative minds. It’s only right that I mention my cat named Buddy right here, we share the same birthday, and we met on a fishing trip. He’s pretty cool, he likes to cuddle and play fetch, he thinks he wants to go outside but he just gets really scared. He does tend to know when I bring something home for him and he opens his own presents.

– Who do you photograph? The question is more of what do I photograph, and that would be, Love and Emotions. Who you love, your beliefs and your skin color all make you beautiful. If your genuine, that is all that matters, just come ready to be yourselves and enjoy your time with each other.

– Where do I photograph? The furthest i’ve been taken with photography would be Mexico and Oregon, but I hope one day it takes me around the world! My main squeeze is South Louisiana with a concentration in NOLA. I travel all around the state, we have beautiful spots in every location.

– Leave No Trace? For my outdoor sessions and elopements, i have adopted the ways of leave no trace, an organization with the intention of preserving our wildlife and environment.  The principals sound a lot like it’s name, we want to leave the environment just as good, if not in better condition than when we found it. A single picture taken in the wrong spot by 100 people over time can kill a species of plant, or a smoke bomb may cause a fire. LNT means we will be cautious to preserve things for the generations behind us. It doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, it just means we need to be respectful of how we do it.

If you have a quick question or want pricing

– When did you get into photography? Ive been into photography since a kid, going to garage sales with my grandparents, I would get old cameras and pretend they were working, until I got my hands on a working polaroid, and I could take a mean picture of my toy box. I kept photography in my interests throughout high school and even did some photography while in college (check out the rad picture of me taking a picture of myself… oh boy, followed by my first couples portrait of some friends in college), and eventually it came back and wanted to be in my life a little more than my full time human resource job. A few years later, here I am, working full time with my photography business, and enjoying every moment of it. 

– Why do you photograph love and emotions? I think it chose me… I love real and raw emotions. Distraction free, exactly like it really is type stuff. Those magic moments where you feel free and nothing really matters. I enjoy the magic it creates when it’s in front of my lens and I love to give people the opportunity to be captured in a safe and comfortable environment away from any judgement. 

I appreciate you visiting my site, and taking the time out to check out my photography page, especially if you’ve made it this far. I hope it brought you a few laughs, some useful info and inspiration for your exciting adventures ahead! 

If you still have questions, hit the messenger button or click below.

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